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Digital Repair Solutions

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If we can't fix it, there is no charge to you.


Our Services

All prices subject to change

Restore with Data Backup    

Restore your PC or Mac to it's original factory settings with full data backup and restoration.

Restore without data backup    

Restore your PC or Mac to it's original factory settings.

Data Recovery    

We remove your hard drive and hook it up to our data recovery software in order to retrieve data that may have been lost, erased or corrupted.

Virus Removal and Prevention    

Includes removal of hard drive and non network based virus removal using the most sophisticated techniques available as well as installation of up to date virus protection software.

Laptop, Tablet, Phone Screen Replacement    

Replacement of cracked or broken screens.  Cost is in addition to current market price for replacement screen.

DC Jack Replacement    

Includes removal and replacement of DC power jack for most laptops as well as a complimentary interior cleaning to remove dust and clean internal fans.

Computer Skill Classes

Classes are always forming.  We cover most aspects of basic computer and mobile device usage.  Private sessions are also available.

Everything Else

If there is a service we don't have listed, just ask!  The worst that will happen is that we are unable to help and can refer you to someone that can perform the service for you.